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IDP.Net is your proven go to IT technical service, solution and support provider since 1992. IDP can also provide you new brand name customized and out of the box hardware solutions. Simply let us know what products and/or accessories you are looking for (too many always changing to catalog.

Secure Internet System Hosting

Web Applications/Sites
Exchange Enterprise Email
Standard Email/WebMail
Dedicated Virtual Servers
E-Commerce Systems
Convention/Trade Show/Events
Virtual Event Systems
Secure Remote File Servers
Cloud/Hybrid Backup

Domain Registration

Security Design, Remote Management and Remote Support and Maintenance Plans

Cloud Security Software
Hardware Security Appliances
Anti Malware Software

Server Security Software
Backup System Design
Backup System Maintenance
Anti-Ransomware Designs Anti Spam Service

Since 2001 Servers include Secure TLS inbound and outbound encryption.

SPAM FREE EMAIL that is Easy, Fast, Secure and Inexpensive. No need to miss email you want. Emails flagged are quarantined for 60 days instead of just deleting. Malware is filtered at the borders.

We are one of the only Anti Spam services that guarantees that you CAN receive email from anyone (free adjustments by support may be needed in some cases).

Technical Support Incidents and Plans

Exchange Server
Networking, Routers and Firewalls
Help Desk Support Plans

For Products: Let us know what you need. We have distribution sources since 1992 and too many ever changing products to list. If you let us know what you need we'll research the best deal for you.

Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller

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You will need both a merchant account and Authorize.Net Payment Gateway to accept credit cards. If you already have a merchant account, Authorize.Net works with almost all merchant account providers. IDP.Net is ALSO a Preferred Authorize.Net Developer!  Don't get your payment processing from a bank, get it from a payment processing expert that can support you!

Programming, Database Design and Maintenance

Web Applications
Web Sites
E-Commerce Applications
Association Trade Shows,
Conventions, Meetings incl. Virtual
Microsoft SQL Server Databases
MySQL Databases
Microsoft .NET Technologies
C#, VB.NET, C++, Javascript, JQuery, Windows Applications
API Development

Code Maintenance/Improvement

Networks, Services, Systems, Integration, Sales, Security and Tech Support.

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IDP has everything you need to succeed.

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Visit our support system for help requests, incident tracking and general support information.

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